why shit on me

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    I am so fucking pissed, that *****. I give free edits and reviews, for FREE! and I get shit on and treated like crap, and what's even worse is she tells me the chapters I reviewed are not even in her novel, then why would you put your chapters up for review if you're not putting them into your fucking novel????

    When I did my reiki training, they had this story of the founder who at first did reiki for free, but the people who received it for free were not grateful and took it for granted, so he started to charge and that was the one rule of doing reiki, is to either charge a fee or barter. I always thought that was harsh but today I realized that what was said was wisdom.

    who are you to shit on me? to lash out at my review expecting it to be perfect...fuck you.

    this is not helping me having faith in mankind at all...

    I mean I was on a roll too, I was going to edit all of her chapters to help her...fuck that...ungrateful bitch.

    sorry for my outburst, I needed to say soemthing. Everyday appears to get worse and worse...why the fuck am I still alive, is a mystery to me...
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    However, it's good to see you are alive.

    Otherwise, your pretty butterfly avatar would become a fossil.
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    :) yeah I guess I am...

    now that I've eaten I think maybe I was a bit harsh, I did volunteer that review and so what she does with it is up to her...I gave it my all and that's what matters...