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Why so many suicide resources based in the U.K.?

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I've read... a lot about suicide online. If I do it this time around there will be nothing left to chance. Aside from that, the subject matter just fascinates me. Even some of the suicide prevention sites (some are just boring and ineffective)

But one thing I noticed is that a lot of these sites and services (like the Samaritans) are based in the United Kingdom. Why is this? Is it some kind of epidemic there? The U.S. has slightly more suicides per 100,000 people, so maybe an epidemic among certain populations?

Or have government leaders made prevention a priority?

Yes, I'm an American and I'm used to everything being in America. :patriot: With this though it seems like most are in the U.K.


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Not sure where you're looking, because suicide prevention started in the US.

And fyi, for your own sake, you're always leaving something to chance. There is no such thing as a fool-proof method. The more dangerous a method you try, the worse you'll feel after it fails.

Besides, the online resources are awful and unreliable. Read a book. Try November of the Soul by George Howe Colt. It won't teach you methods, but it'll teach you the history and current state of suicide prevention.
i agree i find it mainly based in us. i can find any help based in uk and even samaritan website is not all that helpful you need to phone them to get support but i would like to find an online one i just dont feel comfortable talking and would worry an ambulance would be sent to me, this website is prob the best ive found so far even though its not just uk
I'm sure there are many if not more, resources based in the US - in the UK it's still a difficult subject matter for most people, but organisations like Samaritans are well thought of and known about.

In general I'd say that awareness has become higher in the UK, and there's more of a willingness to discuss it openly - although as I say - it's all relative...
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