why? that's what i wanna know.. just why..

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    why is the fucking world so fucked up? why does every fucking thing seem to go wrong and nothing go right? you can sit out all night and wish on the stars but even the most wanted wishes will never come true and while yes i suppose this is the way life goes. but i don't want it to go this way. but hey, who the fuck cares what i want? anyone? no. no one cares. not one fucking person cares. no one loves me. no one. they may think they do but in reality who could love this fucked up shitty excuse for a human being? no one. but i don't blame them. the world should just me go. burn and rot in fucking hell. that's all i'll ever be good for. i cant do shit in this life. i want out. i'm gonna die one day anyways why not just a bit early? is there a reason? why am i still here.. everyone esle has someone to make them belong.. i had someone.. but she's hardly around anymore.. and yeah.. she says she's not leaving she's just busy but my mind is telling me she's leaving. over and over and over again these fucking voices in my head are telling me to just die already because no one wants me. i want out of this life. i guess i just wait it out and see if the voices are right.. wait till my love completely leaves me behind..then just disappear like i was never even here.. just like i never even existed..
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    i really cant give a "positive" reply to this. dont place your life in someone elses hands. too many people already control it for you to give up responsibility
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    I feel exactly the same way a lot of the time, but people do care. You can talk to me any time hun :hug:
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    There are a lot of people who seem so careless - they sweep problems to the side merely because of fear. Sometimes its scary to confront what we aren't familiar with. BUT, that doesn't mean everyone is like that. There are people out there who care, who want to help and who CAN help. How do you get them into your life? Believe within yourself that it's possible - there is no substitute for inner confidence and belief. Be strong!

    Thoughts and prayers are with you!

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    if you honestly think no one cares then you wouldn't have a text message from me every 5 minutes. i wouldn't call you when i can't reach you by texts. i wouldn't tell you all my secrets. i wouldn't be there for you when you need someone. i wouldn't make all those promises to not hurt myself if i didn't care about you.