why the f**k do i bother

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    why the fuck do i bother telling ppl or warn ppl about things and they just fucking ignore me totally? examples being :

    1. at work today (i work ina warehouse) i was picking up a 6 pack of cola and i saw sum1 reaching for sum cerial, and their was a box above the box this bloke was trying to get out, so i shouted watch out for that box above it! he totally ignored me and the stupid **** got a box on the head

    2. im moving out next month and my mum walked into my room the other day and said that i need to sort out wat i need to bring and wat i shud leave here (parents place) i said well i pretty much need everything u see, and she started to argue that i dont need EVERYTHING, but i actually do, why the fuck doesnt she listen?

    3. i warned my g/f the other week not to download sumthing cuz its riddled with virsuses and hackers, did she take notice? FUCK NO! she downloaded it cuz she wanted a pretty coloured name,

    from now on fuck u all, im not gonna fucking warn any1 about fucking anything. i was a nice guy and looked out for ppl im around, but no1 ever fucking listens to me so do wat the HELL u want :mad:
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    Now these people should see that you were right and were trying to help them. So next time they should pay attention