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Why the fuck do people gotta CALL somebody?

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Prinnctopher's Belt, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Prinnctopher's Belt

    Prinnctopher's Belt Antiquities Friend SF Supporter

    Why the hell do people gotta CALL people? I don't want to receive no fucking phone call from anybody about anything. I ain't got shit to talk about, what the fuck am I going to talk to you about? It's not as if you give a damn about me, so what the fuck would I talk to you for? Go care about your damn self.

    One of my friends from elementary school and high school, and we've been friends for a long time and throughout college even though I went away for school, we've still been....well I say acquaintances, but I guess you could say we're friends. But as far as I'm concerned I ain't got no fucking friends.

    So she called me to see how I was doing and what I'm up to and dadada. Who the fuck cares and why do YOU wanna know? The last thing I want is for a friend to call me to know how fucked up I am. So she asks "how are you doing" and I innocently say "oh I'm okay, I guess..I guess I'm okkay (incoherent sad nonsensical mumbling)" and she goes "well that's good," because, you know, I'm totally telling the truth about being okay. Totally GOOD, bro. Totally. So then I go fucking quiet because I ain't got shit to talk about. I'm thinking, "you're the one calling ME, bitch, TALK...what the fuck you want?" you know. And she goes "weeelllllllll, I was just calling to see how you were doing because we haven't hung out in a while I wanted to know what you were up to blah blah" And so on.

    Unless you have an announcement, why the fuck do you feel a need to call me and see how the fuck I'm doing? It's none of your business how I'm doing. You worry about yourself. I don't want anyone seeing me sweat, how dare you call me and invade my privacy asking me questions I'm prone to lie about because my life has gone to shit, asking how am I doing and shit like that. Fuck you.

    That bitch calling me put me in a bad ass mood, too.
  2. hokey pokey

    hokey pokey Member

    So turn off your phone. :dry:
  3. xan

    xan Chat Buddy

    Erm... >.>.... really?.... :/... I mean.... to be honest she seemed like she was just trying to be nice and call you to say hi and ask how it was going. Girls tend to call for conversation more than guys do... maybe she was walking through a dodgy area or it was night and she just wanted to be on the phone to feel safer. Personally I'd feel happy that someone thought of you and wanted to call to catch up... but yeah.. turn off your phone...
  4. Prinnctopher's Belt

    Prinnctopher's Belt Antiquities Friend SF Supporter

    If I could turn the motherfucker off I would, but it's a HOUSE PHONE ya know what I'm sayin?
  5. hokey pokey

    hokey pokey Member

    Not sure who you're trying to impress with all the fucking fuck talk, but it makes you sound like an 8 year old boy who just learned a new cuss word.

    By the way, HOUSE PHONES can be unplugged, ya know what I'm sayin'?
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  6. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    Unplug it. Turn off the ringer. Disconnect the number?
  7. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    I know the feeling. My friend used to call and basically it was the samething as yours. Kinda made me feel exactly the same.. Why are you calling me? Is there actually a point to this, are we going to set something up and do something or talk about something interesting and enlightning or fun? Wtf do you want me to say.. yadda yadda..

    I find the biggest feeling for this is having to lie about how i am feeling. Im looking so much inward that when I talk to my friends its tainted with how Im feeling and looking at myself. So even the most simplest of gestures are riddled with disgust and dispair.

    Maybe if you can when you feel better, try and see that your friend before she called, thought about you, and took the time to call you. It's actually a rather nice thing to have. There was no ill intent in that, just someone wanting to connect with you on a friendly level because, well their your friend.

    Bare in mind it's not their fault they don't know how you feel. Try not to feel angry when they call you, try and see the brighter side of it. If not for them, atleast for yourself
  8. bluegrey

    bluegrey Antiquities Friend

    Prinnctopher's Belt, I feel defensive too when I am asked about my circumstances by an acquaintance or old friend because of the painful alienation that always follows. They are coming from their perspective of living and being fairly well and functional only to crash with my condition- the obvious reverse despite my automatic attempts to spin it as far sunnier than reality warrants.

    I think everyone here agrees that your friend was making a completely natural and innocent attempt to make contact with a person she likes and cares for. There are so many misinterpretations of our daily experience because of how depression distorts judgment and causes perpetual anxiety and anger. When I am clinically depressed, I analyze daily experiences under the assumption that my judgment is anywhere from mild to severely impaired.

    I hope you can afford or have the time to see a psychiatrist/therapist to help with your anger and low mood. Be well. :hiya:
  9. rojomi

    rojomi Banned Member

    I learned long ago to turn off the phones-I have an idiot screen my calls.
  10. Prinnctopher's Belt

    Prinnctopher's Belt Antiquities Friend SF Supporter

    You know what, you don't have to make ignorant, snide little passive-aggressive remarks about how I let out how I feel in MY motherfucking thread topic that's not even about you. So why the fuck should I care about how you perceive me? And with that being said, I don't live alone, I won't unplug the phone because I'm not the only one who lives here, and someone else answered that phone call today and told me to pick up. If you feel like you have some kind of problem with me then you don't have to post in my fucking thread, just as I won't post in anyone else's rant thread telling them how dumb they are. Go bust on somebody else someplace else, because I'm not the one and this ain't the place.

    There, I'm eight. Does that appease you?
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  11. theimpure

    theimpure Member

    I gotta say, I'd probably be just as mad if that happened to me. I can't stand people that act like they give a shit about how your doing. You vent all you need to.
  12. Escapist

    Escapist Well-Known Member

    People call because they care. Even if they ask annoying questions, having a boring manner of speech, or don't say much at all when they do. Sometimes just hearing the voice of your friend, or the one you love is what you need. Appreciate that people call you. I'd do a murder to receive a call from the person, I fancy and love. >_<

    And yet you are moaning? Even if it is just a friend. Appreciation isn't easy to find as of late. Y'know?
  13. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    I agree.

    People don't always call because they 'care', there are so many reasons why people make contact: fear, curiosity, noseyness, guilt a sense of...obligation? Empty words, empty phone calls when you're feeling bad by people who seem from another planet, or distant acquaintences who assume friendship when there is none, would get to me when I'm feeling shit, or well, too.
  14. Avarice

    Avarice Well-Known Member

    I know the exact feeling. I have this one friend from high school who calls me all the freakin' time. I screen his calls but then he keeps calling and calling one call after the other, as if I'm going to pick up after the fourth time he tries? All he ever does is blab on about HIS day, HIS life, what HE'S been doing and then he wants to meet up because HE'S not feeling too great. He is the most boring person with the a voice that is literally in monotone. He does my head in. When I was on vacation with my at the time boyfriend he even rang me and sat speaking to me telling me all about what HE'D been up to while he knew I was with my boyfriend at that very moment. The conversation went on for like twenty minutes and it was just so bloody rude. I now try to avoid him as much as possible and luckily he doesn't have my home phone. It's worse when they ring your home phone because they if you don't take the call your parents and siblings get suspicious or something. What's even WORSE than calls though, is when they just turn up on your door and expect you to go out some place with them. As if you've nothing better to do. :dry:
  15. mcviking

    mcviking Well-Known Member

    If you feel that strongly against her then the next time she calls tell her your done. Problem solved.
  16. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    Im going to go out on the limb here and say I dont think he has a problem with her, but rather has his own problems. I don't really think it has anything to do with her, but rather it's an irritant to have to lie about how he's feeling to someone, or even just discuss his feelings.

    They've been friends a long time, or at least acquaintances as of now. He shouldn't give up on that because he's going through tough times. Not every situation is the whole picture.
  17. TWF

    TWF Well-Known Member

    I also hate talking, like, why the fuck you got to say "hi?". Acquantences piss me off.

    Wish I could make myself invisible.