Why the fuck isnt anyone doing anything?

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    I dont need to tell anyone here that there is so many people who are persistently in a state of wanting to kill themselves or suffering depression. I have been suffering for quite sometime. I naturally hate having depression so I have been pretty pro-active about trying to do something about it. But everything just fucking sucks. Heres what I have, personally, experienced and I know ill cop some flack but im beyond giving a fuck and this is a rant:

    Counselor one: told me about his own problems more then discussing mine.
    Counselor two. Just listened. No pro activeness.
    Counselor three: Tried to sell me her books.
    Councilor four: Lied about being confidential, told my doctor, who over reacted and called the police.

    Psychiatrist: asked me if I was going to 'cap myself' very loudly in a crowded waiting room at a hospital. Several poeple heard and stared at me. I was then sent to a drug rehab clinic for some reason (never done drugs), sent back to hospital then told I had to wait a month before seeing another psychatrist.

    Efexor: No Effect
    Dothep: No Effect
    Zoloft/Prozac: No Effect
    Sertraline: No Effect

    St Johns Wart: No Effect
    Ginseng, Lavender, Rhodia, Rehmannia mixture: No Effect
    SAMe: No Effect

    Im sick of all these depression campaign things putting up ads in restrooms and mailouts.

    Talk - action = nothing

    Nothing is being done properly. I want to be proactive. Give me ideas people!
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    thats exactly why i dont trust the ones being paid for helping those in need . and meds dont even get me started
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    unfortunately it takes awhile to get the right medications that will work for you
    there are so many but if you are patient you will find the one that brings stability
    therapy again you have to try several therapist until you find one that truly connects and that cares.
    things do not come easy in life even getting the help one needs it is a fight.
    i hope you keep on fighting to get what you need okay
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    Find what's been causing your depression and suicidal feelings, and go from there to take steps to resolve the cause and neutralize the negative effects, if you want to be proactive.
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    Exercise my friend exercise will produce happy chemicals in your brain that should help.