Why type words that arent write but do it anyways

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    Why do people lye with there eyes that they do not see some things my things but they are not inside this body they are in physical space people space the same place where everyone romes
    how should i type not needed to be responded to this part lots of humans that say they are interacting with me i guess they are with the circles around them that age is a very important things and a supposed missed chance to have a certain personality

    can it make sense in these word shape to say i dont feel 18 or 12 not 19 not young not old
    i feel time i no it passes it take alot and does not stop but i dont feel age i think that makes sense to say body is labled as 18 along with a name
    i feel the same way about gender but it is much more difficult and not safe convex to talk about gender on a site like this i am not sure quite what this site on the internet is but i no that
    cant it just be you are forced to be alive and you dont identify as a gender not wanting to be a different one to what a body anatomically is but just not thinking straight away that you are a gender just an alive thing that is not supposed to be

    should not talk about how time equals scars before the scars where even out there not on this site

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    Nothing is coming out i am being condumed by a false calmness that pulse put then tightens deeper
    i am a false obedeent with a constent urge and drive wich is just important to get blood out and not just to get it out of this body that i am trapped in but tear it out of the pulsing devils and there damn security

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    Out of skin non experience