Why we choose suicide: Mark Henick at TEDxToronto

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    Hi everyone -

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to put this or not, but I'd like to share my TED talk with you.


    It is based on my personal experience with depression and attempted suicide. It might be triggering. If you're able to, I hope that you watch it and that it inspires you to speak up about your own experience.

    No shame!


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    Thank you for sharing your video and thoughts Mark.

    I really recommend any that are interested in hearing a clear explanation of why suicide seems like the best or only solution to many - and for that explanation to be by somebody that truly understands it as opposed to a psychiatrist or counselor simply telling you how you should feel, then take 15 minutes to watch this and consider the possibility that some of it may apply to your perceptions as well. It may also give you a way of explaining to others why the answer they all think is so obvious is not obvious to you when you are in a dark place or to help them understand a little better what you might be feeling.

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    This is very triggering but powerful Mark. I have watched quite a few Ted Talks on the subject, yours was the most on the pulse of it. I identified a lot with what you have said. It is a narrowing of focus and awareness. To the point there is nothing else and it is so difficult to break out of it and find an observing self awareness that gives you back insight.

    You should do a talk on the psychological warfare we are under. From negativity bias in the media, to false distortions of beauty, wealth and success. How it is we end up with such distorted views and are fed them from every angle. How the help available often waits till full crisis before it does anything. Thus gambling with your life.

    But sadly among that talk all I could focus on was the one person that told you to, 'jump you coward.' It is that precise attitude that causes people to let go in the first place. From your talk that is what it seemed like. Why are these people not in prison for inciting suicide? It needs to not be a joke, to feel it okay to do that. Where the word most commonly banded around is 'Selfish,' and if you were so serious why are you not dead? Or you are just attention seeking.

    We don't berate cancer patients for being sick all over the place. Berating a person whose mental health has collapsed down to a narrow view, because that is part of the recognized illness seems entirely insane to me.

    Thank you for delivering such a powerful unflinching speech. It is a refreshing change.

    My final thoughts.