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why why why why why *possible trigger*

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ARGH! whats wrong with me????
i went for a meal with my boyfriend tonight..andfor the first time in months and months i made myself sick afterwards.
what is wrong with me?
why did i feel i needed to do this?
im happy with him, have something good in my life for a change, even if everything else is a mess
do i like being a mess?????



:biggrin: sometimes we forget to smile...
and other times we forget to laugh

anixiety attacks plauge me, as some as i think its going to be good i force an attack upon myself... what a wonderful mind....

but that is it at time we just think too much, at least for me that is it


Maybe yo9u don't know how to be just happy yet and it scares you so you went back to what makes you feel safe.


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Not a lot of people know this, but I have to battle this every time I eat, especially if I have a big meal or when I binge on chocolate....
I 'stopped' in March this year but it is so difficult to maintain, don't let this one episode destroy all the effort you have put in, it's happened, it's over, put it behind you and continue to succeed as you have been doing for months and months.

:hug: Hazel x
Sweetie, let me tell you something my DBT therapist told me. Noones recovery just gets bettr in a snap then goes perfectly smoothe. In recovery...there are ups and downs and sometimes we don't know why, but if you weren't having ups and downs in your recovery I woiuld fear you weren't getting better.

Ity's just part of life and getting better, don't let it ruin your life, you can get back on track, it was just one incedence. You'll be ok, hang in there, you are doing good, you just can't see it.

Take care and if you would like to talk me MSN and Yahoo are bellow in my signature............ :hug: :hug: :hug:

PS: I have been battling eating disorders since I was 12...it's hard be it will get a little better, hang in there.
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