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why why why????

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:( It always happens to me!! why why why???? Every time i start to trust some one... something happens and i cant see them again!!

i have been to at least 7 diffrent counsellors/psychiatrists/therapists or what ever you want to call them and every time something happens!! The 1st time i didnt like them, the next time my mum didnt like them another time the price was too high... then the distance to travle was too fat and this time they quit their job!!! why the hell dose this always happen once i trust them... it never happens when i have just met them and dont trust them... always when i trust them.

it takes me ages to trust some one! and once i trust some one i want to keep talking to them and tell them alot of stuff coz then its easier for me coz im not so bottled up. I cant just 1/2 trust some one... i ither fully tust them and would tell them (almost) anything or i dont trust them at all. Once i trust them, i dont really think of them as 'mental health professionals' i think of them more as friends... so its like loosing all these friends.

so now once again... i am starting all over again. the whole story of Sarah... all over again. even i am getting sick of my story, its boring me and also scaring me.


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Sarah, I'm sorry this happened again. I know the feeling. Since I started going to my clinic 6 years ago I've seen more than 1. I'm on my 3rd right now. The first was fired because he refused to take on more patients (his work load was huge already), the second moved away, and the one I'm currently seeing has cancelled on me every time but twice since October. And those two times she didn't cancel, she moved my day and time.

Before the clinic, I saw many therapists over the years. Most left me cause they were moving or something. It's so hard to start over yet again, I know. Maybe they could give you a copy of your file to give to the new one so that they'll know at least part of what's going on so you don't have to start from scratch. I'm also tired of telling my story over and over.

I'm just like you with the trust thing with therapists. I either don't trust them at all and barely talk, or I trust them implicitly and say everything I'm thinking. There's no in between for me.

I'm here if you want to talk.
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