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Why won't docs help?

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I am soo fed up of my doctors they are so bloody useless! I rang up to get appointment and was told would have to wait half hour for doc to ring back it turned out to be over an hour then he said i could wit till next week or get app later so i told him i wanted one today it turns out i not only have to wait till 5pm but i also have to travel to the furthest doc surgery. All this with a knee that keeps giving way on me and is in bad pain. On top of that i am not feeling too great as i feel like i am gonna pass out and my blood sugars are high even though not eaten much but they are just not bothered. I am sick and tired of bloody nhs these days u have to wait till something happens before they see u even then they treat u like shit!!!!


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I have the same problems with the medical profesion and understand your frustration..
I get so disheartened by it all it's a struggle to get myself to a doctor..
well done you for persisting and looking after yourself..
the system sucks!


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I got to wait till 12 Sept to see my doc!

This automated phone system - easy to use but you do not get the choice of certain docs who are popular and booked up I presume.

I usually make an appointment after coming out the docs - see the receptionist - easy that way. But forgot last time - caught up chatting - as usual.

So sometimes sure - the NHS seems bad - but bear in mind people in other nations either pay for health care or have nothing really.

The UK is still the best in the world. I've seen it up close - but I admit mental health care is a fail in some areas. But if I ever have to deal with it - I'll not be taking a second class service.

Buy hey! Lancashire Lass - I had a bad back - they were offering an op - but NO WAY! - and I exercised and can touch my toes - so the docs were wrong - although my doc advised strongly against an op.

My knee also - I could barely walk - so again I exercised - and its fine now - I'm 46 so have to take care. Do nothing in your thirties and forties - and you leave problems for later life.

So Dawn - I know sometimes ops are needed on knees - I was lucky I guess - I presume you been to physio - ? I had 15 session last year - contorted by a lady but platonic - guess I had 5 sessions but no more as I think the exercise is easy to do on your own - and is the BEST way to handle physical illness - also great for depression.

I'm also looking at vitamins - trace elements - a daily routine of using these things is actually as good as anti depressants for some of us. Worth a try.

Good luck with the op.

Love the needle - high as a kite for free! legal - so enjoy!
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