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am i always so confused?
is it that he changes so fast and that mum goes along with it?
that irl i dont let ppl get close enough to help and yet they still get worried shitless about me?
do ppl care in general... i mean i only end up pusing them away sooner or later..... sometimes without even meaning it
wont it rain?
am i so tired all the time?
cant i cry?
is my weight going up and down so rapidly?
cant i end it?!

Aww hun, I am sorry about everything. So much of the pain and stuff going on at home....is just in no way fair to you at all. Please hang in there. I hope that letting that out helped atleast a little bit, when we are feeling this bad... a little is a very good thing! :hug: :hug: I want you to know I care and I am here for you anytime at all hun, ok? :hug:


Hello. you've got alotta troubling questions on your mind, sorry to hear it. Sorry i can't really help answering any of those questions. But i'm sure alotta of people value you greatly as a person.
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