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Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by hotdamn, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. hotdamn

    hotdamn New Member

    Hello people, I'm from Brazil and I'll be so sorry for the bad english i'm going to write. And I'm 18.

    I dated a girl for 3 years and 8 days. We've broken up because I didn't think I was loving her like I should. I never had problems with that stuff about love and she was my first gf. We've broken up because neither of us was happy and breaking up was hard, because she don't wanted to.

    It happened about 3 months ago, now, last week she started to date another guy who I don't know... I knew because my friend knows her and told me, first I was shocked, then I was happy, because she find someone for her. But yesterday I went to her fb profile and saw their photos and she is freaking on love. More than ever, more than ever than she was with me. I know they are for only 1 week together, but it's being hard for me AND I DON'T F- KNOW WHY. So, also I'm up to forget her and every second I have dated her... but I don't hate her although I meant that when we broke up.

    I have a good job, I study in a good university, I have a family in home, I have a dad, a mom and my 8 years old sister... I guess I have everything and my reasons are completely sick, but in 3 months, I don't went to parties because I'm never remembered. I don't go anywhere because nobody wants to... I don't know because I'm this way this weekend, but I am. I through about suicide for stop pain because I don't think so I'm going to have a normal life... I'm for 3 months just at home, just go out for study and work and then come back. I don't have any friends, or better, any REAL friends. And I'm not the kind of handsome guy. I'm 1,90m tall and 65kg weight. I started the gym but it takes time to work.

    I guess I was used to live with another person, and now i'm completely alone... the only reason I don't f- up with everything is my sister... she loves me a lot haha...

    So, my question is: Why? Why am I feeling this way? Or better, I know why, that's why I was used to having a gf, but what can I do for feeling better? =/
    So don't come with s-: remember I don't have any real friends, I'm going to take my driver license and I'm ugly hahaha... and boring =x
  2. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Hi. I am sorry for all that pain you are in. Sometimes working out at a gym can help people feel better about themselves. It really can. So I do think it is great that you have started doing that. When we do feel good about ourselves it does not matter if we are not the best looking person. Because how we feel about ourselves shines out. If that makes sense. Sometimes exercise makes us feel more empowered about ourselves.

    The best thing I might suggest is to continue to work out at the gym and also to help people if you can. Do you have any time in your schedule where you could help people who really need that? To volunteer someplace where your help would really be needed? This can be a great way to help others and feel much better about who you are as a person. It can really help with self esteem. Because what we are offering is so appreciated by others. This can help the person to feel better about who they are. I know this from my own experiences. Giving to others has helped me a lot. Made me feel much better about myself... when I was able to volunteer and give to those in need. I hope some of what I have said helps in some way. I am very glad you joined this community.