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  1. Danialla

    Danialla Well-Known Member

    Why is there a sense of relief? I don't cut, I do something else, what triggers the relief? The release of emotion? Why does it feel so good to go through with it?
  2. qteallex

    qteallex Active Member

    your body's physiological response to physical pain is a release of endorphins and/or adrenaline, endorphins give you a good feeling and adrenaline gives you a rush or a buzzed feeling. it's possible to get a semi-physical dependance on self harm for endorphins, which is why exercise is recommended because it also causes an endorphin release.

    it's also emotional because it's a stand-in for actually dealing with the emotions, the emotions are dealt with temporarily so you feel kinda freed from them.
    or maybe your brain can only focus on one pain at a time but I'm not so sure on how that works- or it could be that you're being allowed the freedom to hurt in a situation where you're overcontrolled- since it's different between different people you'd need to narrow down on what the emotion is you feel when you want to do it, which can be tough but is a good starting point even if you don't stop straight away-

    anyways Danialla, best wishes and stay safe <3
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