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  1. korn42

    korn42 Member

    :unsure: I cut myself for the first time in two years, last week..
    I'm 14, my mums been re-diagnosed with cancer, and I've fell out with a good friend..

    so it's all going downhill,

    I wear long sleeve shirts n jumpers outside of school, and when im in school I wear sweatbands, and jumpers when in class, and when i get told to take them off, i feel like everyones watching me..

    I've only been with one girl (for 6 months.. she cheated, with a 22 year old :wacko: ) and im not the most popular person, but i do have a group of close friends.. and they do help me alot.

    I also have a sleeping problem :insomnia:
    I just cant get to sleep, sometimes i dont sleep at all at night.
    Probably because im addicted to caffeine.. i know it justs gets worse.. :mellow:

    Can anyone help with any of this? it will be muchly appreciated. :smile:

    B x
  2. Saoirse

    Saoirse Guest

    Korn, you did really well with beating your SH but we all get set backs once in a while and we mess up but aslong as we try again to beat it, to beat your record, then thats what matters.

    If you Sh'd and didn't try to beat it again then that would be the mistake you should worry about. Anyone I know that SH, including me, messed up many times and harmed themselves but aslong as you try and try and try to beat your record then you can do it. It will take time but it can be done.

    The fact that your mother was re diagnosed with cancer is a big shock to anyone, no one can fault you for being hurt by it. Just don't let it ruin your hope of beating it.
  3. korn42

    korn42 Member

    Thankyou Sunset, two years ago [when my mum was first ill] i did it just once, and my mum saw, and blamed herself, i didnt want her to feel bad, and then i just couldnt stop, but i made an effort, and it was two years, i will try to beat that, however hard.

    B x
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