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  1. xcchicka

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    the one thing i want to know is why cant i stop cutting...i hadn't cut in like 3 months and all of a sudden i have to cut everyday and thats all i think about....when to get my next "fix" i dont know what s wrong wiht me i thought i was all better i guess i was wrong
  2. resistance

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    Hey there, sorry, I only just seen this post. It can be really hard to give up self harm. Does anyone such as family/friends/doctor/therapist know about it? It can help to get outside support but ultimately, it's down to you. It is possible. I know only too well how difficult it is to give up self harm, but you can do it.

    I suggest you check out this thread:

    Techniques to avoid self harm in a crisis

    There's a looong list of things to do in that thread that may help when you find yourself wanting to self harm. One of the most popular alternatives to self harm is the elastic band. Have you tried that? Putting an elastic band around your wrist (or wherever), and when you feel the urge snap it giving the intense stinging pain sensation. Gives the pain, but leaves no lasting scars. If you cut for the blood, have you tried the red food dye?

    Try and go without self harm for a few days, or weeks, whatever you think you can accomplish. Set yourself a goal. You may want to have a reward for yourself if you get to your goal, treat yourself to something you enjoy. When you get to your goal, set yourself a new target. :)

    If you slip up, don't be too hard on yourself. You know as well as any other self harmer it is an addiction and addictions can be hard to beat! Slips are normal, if you slip up try not to get too disheartened and mad at yourself. Just set yourself a new target, and try again.

    You can do it, we're here if you want support any time. :hug:
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