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why cant i just fucking end it.... all i do is fuck things up and make it worse... i just want to die!! I tried to kill myself last night by OD but all it did was make me pass out and wake up sick.... no one will care if im gone... no one will miss me... some people will probably be glad im finally gone so they don't have to listen to me anymore.... sry if this doesn't make sense...


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You do not need to apologize on this site. Vent or rant away.......
You tried to end it, but it is not your time yet.

I may not know you personally well, though I know people will miss you if you are not here. I feel the same way--I have tons of relatives, now showing no compassion or understanding, due to having no education. I have to forgive them for rejecting me, only cuz I do not want the burden of holding anger for a long time. I don't want people around me that do not care for others and are very judgemental. :poke:

Being suicidal is the worst thing in the world, next to depression and manic, but it makes you have empathy. You are important enough to be alive, YOU
really are. Hard to believe? right, I know. You gotta get to the bottom of the pain.

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