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I've been trying so hard. I really have. But it feels like there's no hope. There is no reason to go on. I feel as the darkness is consuming my soul, my very being. My will for life has been crushed. Been lied to and used like a piece of paper towel then thrown away. I guess that I'm just a stupid old man. I'm alone. No one to reach out to. No one who cares. So many tragedies. All combined with PTSD it has become overwhelming. I'm sinking. Maybe I should just let the darkness win. Why bother anymore? Of all the major physical injuries I've had not can compare to the emotional pain. Maybe I should just let go. Just let go.


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i'm sorry that you are hurting so bad right now. as we get older things just seem to be worse. we care about you. do you have a spouse or children or siblings or any irl friends? don't give up yet you can still have a worthwile life. i don't know about you but now that my time is closer i'm learning to cherish what time i have left. keep trying and always talk to us if you need to vent or talk, we are listening, i am listening and we do care about you. if you want a friendly person around your age to talk to feel free to use my inbox...mike...*console*sadhug*shake


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Hi, sorry you are going through so much right now and that it is consuming you mentally and emotionally.

Have you ever sought help for your PTSD? Have you ever tried medication/therapy?

Keep talking to us ok? *hug
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