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The standard answers are “Why what?” “Why not?” and “Because.” I’m inclined to think these are generally unsatisfactory answers unless you use “why not?” as a provocation for deeper thought. Something like, “If not this life, then what life? So why not?”

I hope that whatever is on your mind/heart today gets easier. *hug
I used to think (was indoctrinated to believe) that it was all a big test. A neverending worldwide Stanford Prison Experiment, only we're all rewarded or punished at the end for how well we kept our humanity, whichever role we were put in.

And you know what? That actually explains a lot, and gives meaning to the unfairness of it all, and is satisfying because it gives you a path to follow, and assures you that those who don't play fair will get their comeuppance.

Only, you know, I can't believe in any of that anymore. I know that it's all random chance, and that finding a fair resolution is even less likely than finding meaning.

I just want to be able to take all of the shit and condense it into a coherent narrative and attach a moral to it so I can make some kind of sense of it all.
" Only, you know, I can't believe in any of that anymore. I know that it's all random chance," Why do you not believe in that anymore? How do you 'know' it's all random chance? I need explanation.

Do ya'll remember the end of 'Forrest Gump' with the feather and debate whether life is fate or choice? Basically the movie said it's both, and that's what I believe. If life is random chance and their is no 'payment' for choices made in this life, than all of life from beginning to end would be meaningless, because you would die and those who remember you would die also. So I'm not saying it isn't a possibility, I'm just saying we'd be living in a pretty stupid universe to have no meaning whatsoever. That's how I look at life, that basically I don't care if there is 'retribution' at the end or not, I'm still going to be me whatever happens.

I also believe this; no matter how smart you are, no matter what you've experienced in this life or will experience, no matter what you've seen or have not seen, we will never, never be allowed to know the full meaning and outcome/reasoning for everything on this planet, if there is one. It's chasing the wind, so I don't bother anymore. And I think it was purposely setup that way. Sometimes in life you have those 'aha' moments where you feel you matter, like you're making a difference by being here. Than other days, you pretty much just feel things would just keep spinning no matter what you do, like the most insignificant speck of dirt in the universe. This is why I hate people deeply (hmm, how should I word this?) involved in organized religion, who claim to 'know' everything and have their own twisted reasoning behind it also. Maybe sometimes somethings just don't have an explanation, you know? And that's ok...

Just another thing making me look forward to my death day; So I maybe can find out 'Where's the beef?', 'Who did let those dogs out?', 'Am I related to Yoda?', and things like that.
Only, you know, I can't believe in any of that anymore. I know that it's all random chance, and that finding a fair resolution is even less likely than finding meaning
Believing that there is a divine order to the universe is, from a certain perspective, a beautiful thing.

Believing that the universe is only guided by randomness, and that there is no justice or good in it except that which we humans decide to create, and there is no reward in doing good things except that our own vision of what is good is realized...that too, from a certain perspective, is beautiful.


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Personal theory is that we're all splinters of god (for want of a better word) that have chosen to become mortal corporeal beings in order to experience - everything. That's why good things happen to bad people and vice versa. Every possibility must be played out and experienced. Every possible joy and every possible sadness etc etc. How else can god know everything?

Not sure if that makes sense but, there you have it. That's my 'why?'.

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