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  1. bloodysunday

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    Why am I here?
    What is my purpose?
    Does anyone care?

    Do I care?

    I went out last night driving in my nightie at midnight, I don't know where i went, just that it was 3am when I returned. At one point I parked the car, got out and started to walk. Not sure why. Just me and my nightie.

    I don't remember going back to the car, nor do I remember going home. Just the screaming from him about where I had gone and that it was 3am.

    I do remember crying. I'm still crying.
  2. Tara

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    i care :hug:

    sometimes you just need that peace, and time to yourself. you should talk to him about it, he should understand that sometimes a spontanious walk/drive makes the world of difference.

    hope you are okay now :arms: