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    can they see thier hurting me, can they see i wanna die. i dont know how many times they need to be told. why cant i just get help im tired of feeling this way tired of crying myself to sleep at night im sick of the emotional pain theyve all taken thier hit at me dad and brother physical and my mom is fucking with my emotions. this isnt fair i just wanna die.they keep my brother happy they give him everything he wants. the other night they were talking bout how sad he looks and maybe they should help him. why are thye willing to help him but not me? im just a waste of sperm i shouldve never been born. i just wanna go away, why am i staying here out of all the attempts why hasnt on succeded why do they always fail?
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    eh, people dont usually understand.

    here if i can help in any way, though.

    try to take care.
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    Ive seen that favouritism that some parents get for one of there kids play out a couple times, being an only child, I cant imagine how that must feel, to see one person get all the love and attention in the world, while you go unnoticed. Thats gotta be hard, but it shows how strong you are to still be here with us. I hope you parents will wake up to themselves and realize what there doing, I hope you can get a bit more respect, you deserve to be treated just as well as your brother, your parents need to take a damn good look at themselves.