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    why do people call those who commit suicide selfish? do they not realise that the person who is suicidal cannot think/act as they normally would? there is nothing more ignorant than calling someone who has committed suicide selfish. They cannot cope, they feel lost, they have no one left to turn to, their pain is unbearable(i know this because i unfortunately have many relatives and family members who have committed suicide). I on the other hand am in the same boat, i try to think positively, look forward to a good future, meet a nice guy etc... at the end of the day i know i am fooling myself and there is no other option than suicide. Had a good childhood, at age 8, sexually abused at age 12 and 13 bullied , at age 14 raped, nearly died at 15 from a suicide attempt,at age 18, even screwed up my life more, i know at the end of the day the best option is suicide, but there is one person in this world that keeps me alive, and that is my little niece , i love her so much, cannot die and leave her behind. anyway i dont even know why i am posting this lol, i suppose i just need someone to reassure me im not alone......**hugs** everyone
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    You're not alone. :hug:
  3. It is wrong of anyone to say that people who committ suicide are selfish. It is usually said by people who don't have many negative issues affecting their lives, or are those who have been able to overcome those issues due to societal support. For alot of suicidal people, the problem is that society isn't supportive of them, so, suicide seems to be the good choice out of their misery. The selfish thing isn't the suicide, but rather the society not helping those people. Anyways, you are not alone, Roxanne-Lee. Take care. :hug: