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  1. whitedove

    whitedove Guest

    Why can i not post or reply or even pm to my friends?

    What did i do??

    if i cant talk with friends here then i rteally have no one and just going to go through with it...

    you never gave me a reason as to why?? no pm no nothing...

    i am really a stupid useless piece of crape..
  2. Spearmint

    Spearmint Well-Known Member

    You aren't banned/under moderation from what I can see, Dove.. :unsure:
  3. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    but why?

    they never gave an explanation.

    shouldnt one be told why??
  4. QUOTE=Built For Sin;399189]You aren't banned/under moderation from what I can see, Dove.. :unsure:[/QUOTE]

    but why?

    i was never given an explanation..

    shouldnt one get a reason as to why???

    what was said that was so wrong?

    again i made a stupid mistake..

    if i cant talk with anyone or pm them then why am i even here? why even come here..?

    i needed someone tonight.. i honestly do... but i cant even pm them... that is so wrong, so wrong...

    i could have edited it if it was something i wrote or said?? all they had to do was ask,,

    i have no one now.. i dont even need to even live..

    im sorry..

    so sorry/

    i am so stupid, i am useless, i am nothing...

    might as well already just be dead, just get it over with..

    sorry everyone..

    sorry i did wrong...

    what do you expect i am a stupid crazy person who should of just died a long time ago... well i will make sure that happens.. i will make sure it does..

    sorry to have messed up, or hurt anyone...

    i just cant do nothing right..
  5. thanks for cutting me off from everyone so soon..

    thank you..

    it helps me to die..
  6. Spearmint

    Spearmint Well-Known Member

    Wait..Dove, you aren't banned or anything, I don't know why you can't log in or anything. :unsure:

  7. i can log in but cant post or pm..

    moderator preview first, which means it will never get posted, been there done that at other forums.. they put you on moderator preview so you CANT POST

    but my pms are gone.. and to be honest with you, many times i had an open bottle of sleeping pills ready to take and those pms helped stop me.

    now i have no one.. your even lucky that i even seen your reply cause if i had not been in my email i never would have seen it..

    its better this way you see??/ without me being able to speak or talk it makes it easier for me to go through with it.. heck with those who think i cant do it, they just dont even know..

    these last few days have been tremedes upon me and now i learned that i am truly hated by those who i thought hated me, well i found out they do.. i cant undo their hurt but i can end it ...

    i dont have any cares for anything anymore.. i gave away my car the other days, i just dont need them anymore.. i am numb with more pain then i have ever been in my life.. this is worse then the last time, much worse.. then i get a pm and try to reply but no... nothing.. i am cut off..

    dont you see this is what God wants.. hes ready to take me and my attempt will be the last cause i will succeedd..

    i am unattainble from now on.. sorry but at least it gives me a few more days by myself.. that helps me to do it you see..

    i came in this world alone and i leave alone..

    take care..

  8. sum1

    sum1 Guest

    Hey there,

    If your posts need moderator approval before it appears on the site, it seems like you've been put under moderation.
    I know it can be hard at times because it might take a while before posts get approved. staff can't be online 24/7 to approve posts.
    If they've indeed put you under moderation, I'm sure they've got their reasons. If you don't get it or don't agree with it, then take it up to Letters To management, I'd say.

    I CAN tell you though, that they don't put people under moderation to prevent them from posting at all. If they wouldn't want someone to post, they'd just ban them.

    Basically I just wanted to say that it's not fair of you to say that they have helped you kill yourself. They are NOT responsible for your actions. Obviously they've got their reasons to put you under moderation, they wouldn't do it for fun or anything. so don't blame them for your actions please. YOU are responsible for your own actions. Please take that responsibility yourself and don't say that others caused it and what not. Because they are just doing their jobs.

    I hope you don't feel offended by this post because I don't mean to offend you, I'm merely expressing my opinion about the fact that you're saying they've helped you kill yourself by putting you under moderation.
  9. but they have helped..

    yes it is my choice, but to cut me off from pming someone who has helped stop me before is not good at all..

    they did not give me any reason as to why,

    i know why?

    because THEY HATE ME, EVERYONE HATES ME.. they will not be satisfied until i am actually dead.. me being alive is the stupid problem...

    i cant write in letters to managment cause i cant post...

    they dilberatly done this to diliberatly hurt me, and they know it...

    they could have at least said stop doing this or that or you will be under preview etc, but i got nothing,,

    it dont matter anymore, in fact it has helped..

    you think i wont do it? you think i am not capable???

    wait and see...

    you will see just how much capable i am to do it...

    i dont care anymore..

    i have no one that loves me anymore, no one cares about me anymore, i cant pm anymore, i cant post anymore, i am cut off from everyone and everything..

    so i will go..


    I HOPE YOU GUYS WILL BE HAPPY WHEN YOU LEARN I DIED it will just make your day wont it?? yes it will.. you wont be satisfied until i am dead...

    well your going to get your wish, everyone will...

    your wish of me gone and dead is coming true... cause this has pushed me...

    honestly it really has..
  10. sum1

    sum1 Guest

    If you're under moderation then you CAN post, also in LTM. It just needs approval. Normally when a moderator comes online they'll then approve your posts, including the ones in LTM.
    so don't say you can't post, because that's not true.

    And the fact that you're put under moderation (which seems to be the case) does NOT mean you're not loved and cared for, because you ARE. Look at the amount of replies you get to posts you make. Look how many people have told you they care. I don't know what you think, but I think that means you ARE cared for.

    I know I've said it already, but I'm going to say it again: it is NOT fair of you to say that you being put under moderation has pushed you to kill yourself.
    You can still get support. You can. Look here, people reply to your post. I'm guessing it's when you start blaming others for your own actions that replies might get less, because like I said, that just isn't fair.

    I hope you'll take this matter up to LTM, and wait for an explanation. Maybe they've got good reasons?
  11. Hazel

    Hazel SF & Antiquitie's Friend Staff Alumni

    White dove, you have been sent an email from the staff, you can still post on the forums, please continue to post under your original account as threads posted under another name will be closed.
    You have not been shut off from your support, you CAN still post under your personal account.

    Take care.
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