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    Hi there, I lost my husband and just cannot understand why. It has been just over a year now since that awful night and I have asked myself a million times. He was an intelligent person with so much love to offer but why did he do this. It makes me angry my sons have suffered he will never see grandchildren he will never see our sons reach their goals

    Just cannot understand it. The hurt the tears and the blame is just terrible
  2. andyc68

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    i am really sorry for your loss hun, if you dont mind me asking and i understand if you refuse but how did you lose your husband, suicide or accident?
  3. liveinhope

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    Im was so sad when i read your post, i dont suppose anyone will have the answer to why, but i can see the pain and anguish it has caused you and im sure your boys, i to have children and can only imagine how difficult this is for you if you ever want to chat just pm me
    take care

  4. Petal

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    Im so sorry for your loss :hug: