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    this whole week has been fine. up until now. i don't know why i feel the way i do. i feel like i'm diggin myself a deeper hole. i hate feeling like i just want to die. i feel like i have no hope and i feel like a dumbass for feeling this way because when i look at the big picture, my life isn't too bad. i have two parents, whom although sometimes i hate, are always there for me, i've never been abused sexually or physically even though my brother puts me down day after day. my life isn't too bad. so why do i always feel this way? why do i always feel like life isn't worth living for anymore? i hate that i've never really had a bf and that the one i sort of had was a crazy asshole who went behind my back and had sex with my cousins and their friends. *sigh* i just want to be happy for more than five minutes. but i don't know how to.
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    You can't control when those feelings may strike you. You have to ride them out until they aren't so intense. Having your brother put you down everyday is not healthy for you. It is a form of abuse in itself and can lead to feelings of low self esteem. Don't worry about the boyfriend issue. You are stilll young and have plenty of time to find the right someone. Take things one day at a time until you feel you can handle things in larger doses. Take care and stay safe. :hug: