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  1. Shauna Lea

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    Why the fuck should I bend over backwards for someone who rarely seems grateful for my efforts? Sure I love him with every single piece of my shattered and helpless heart but does that mean that this is the way things should be? I put it down to being a generous person but how generous is too generous?

    Each morning I wake up an hour early so I can take him to work. I drive from my house to his (10 mins) all the way into the city (half an hour) which takes me past my work, then 15 mins back to my work. He lost his licence because he had a terrible car crash when drink driving. It's a miracle that he is here and he's suffered enough with the fines and loss of licence. But still, everyone thinks it's too much but to me, it's no trouble - infact I enjoy being able to help. Every time I buy myself something at te shops I feel that I should be buying him something. He has to put majority of his pay into paying off his debts from the crash so I basically halve my money with him. There are so many things I do for him and sometimes it gets to me, I think I'm too generous and kind but...oh I don't even know!!!
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    Well if your still together, i think it comes with being a couple. Kristen and myself share our money all the time. When she wasnt working so much and I was, I was paying for the majority of the bills etc, and now that situation is reversed for the time being.

    We always show our appreciation, just a kiss, or a hug and thank you is enough, and if we have to borrow anything major of each other we keep a record of it. Money is just money, ive never been somebody thats obsessed with $.
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    It's not just money - it's everything.
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    Some people don't appreciate what others do for them because they don't know what other people are doing for them. He can't read your mind, so tell them how much you sacrifice and he may appreciate you more or tell you to stop doing so much for him.
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    You deserve to be appreciated, your going well and trully out of your way, not just once, but, by the sound of it - constantly. His lucky to have a girl like u, he needs to smell the coffee and realize it, maybe get some friends of his to drop a few subtle hints that your feeling underappreciated, but really Shauna, just tell him outright and upfront, communication is paramount.

    My advise is probably lousy though, im no relationship expert, god ive got a decade or so on u and im a complete novice. Need some women to reply to this thread with some advice.
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    It's ok Matt - you're always helpful! Thanks - I'm feeling better today. Got my concert on 2moro night and I'm pumped! He is coming to watch as well which is really nice of him.

    Thanks all
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    I know it's off topic, but it's 4am on Saturday there, and I wanna wish you good luck for the gig! I'll be thinking of you! <3

    As for the situation, I agree with Matt. You should tell him how much you're going out of your way. If you want to do it, that's fine, but he could at least show some appreciation for it :dunno: