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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by William, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. William

    William Banned Member

    Here are some questions that I have been asking myself in a constant manner:

    1) Why would a person want to have friends?

    2) Why would a person want to have a romantic and/or sexual relationship with anyone?

    3) Why would a person feel unsatisfactory if that person is alone?

    4) Why would a person feel that it is necessary to be in the company of others, or to socialize with anyone, or to be a part of a social occasion or gathering, or anything that has two people or a large number of people in it?

    5) Why would a person have the view that it is disagreeable not to have any friends and/or romantic partners?

    6) Why would a person think that because another person does not have any friends, or romantic partners, or any intimate relationship with anyone, that the person is miserable, depressed, pathetic, unhappy, or suicidal?

    7) Why would a person have the belief that having at least one relationship with someone is healthy?

    8) Why would a person feel that being an active part of any society, civilization, or culture is desirable?

    9) Why would a person feel that it is acceptable to be an extrovert, but, unacceptable to be an introvert?

    10) Why would a person feel that having any type of relationship with anyone is good?

    11) Why would a person want to engage in coitus with anyone, or any other type of sexual and/or romantic activity?

    I disagree with those people; I think that I have the capacity to live an outstanding life without having anyone in my life, including any friends, members of my family, or any type of relationship with anyone to any extent or degree.

    My view is that a person does not need any friends, or have any sort of intimate and/or casual relationship with anyone to be happy or fulfilled.

    Here are some questions to myself that I cannot answer:

    1) If I feel that way, why do I continue to enter this Internet forum?

    2) Why am I confused and do not understand myself in a total fashion?

    3) If I do not desire to possess any companions, intimates, associates or acquaintances, then, why do I continue to enter this Internet forum?

    4) If I do not want a close relationship with anyone on this Internet forum, then, why do I continue to enter this Internet forum?

    5) If I do not want any friends, then, why am I entering the virtual room of this Internet forum in a frequent manner?

    6) If I do not have friends, then, why am I continually calling others my friends?

    7) Do I have any friends?

    8) Is there anyone who actually cares about or loves me?

    9) Do I care about or love anyone?

    10) Why am I confused?

    11) What is wrong with me?

    12) Do I need to seek medical attention?

    13) Am I affected with a psychiatric disorder?

    14) Why am I still depressed, but I have had the ability to eliminate my suicidal ideations and tendencies?

    15) Why do I always feel weird?

    16) Why do I feel that I do not belong on this Internet forum, or anywhere else?

    Forget it; what is wrong with me? I think I am going to lose all of my sanity in the near future; not good in the slightest degree.

    I need assistance, but, I am preventing anyone from helping me, for the reason that I do not want to become close to anyone any longer.

    I think there is something wrong with me.
  2. ChillCash

    ChillCash Active Member

    I think you should look into 'Schizoid personality disorder'. I have it and most of those questions boggle my mind too. I could go the rest of my life alone and not even be bothered by it. Main reason I usually want to kill myself is because how shitty the majority of humanity is and that the world is run by ignorant close minded extroverts.
  3. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    most of your questions are interlinked, such as your why do people need relationships. i think the better way to phrase this is 'why do they FEEL the need to have relationships.
    and i think this is because humans, as living creatures, are social by instinct. which in turn answers your questions about WHY you keep coming back here.

    now in regards to needing help etc.
    yes you do need it. its not healthy for anyone to think like this. (i myself think like this, so i am not singaling you out)

  4. idontno06

    idontno06 Member

    I think you make some good points but is besause that is what we think others want us to be so that is what we do to fit in and if you dont it makes us feel worse about ourselfe.

    To you other points i think you want some type of contact with people and this is not a bad thing as you are such a good person and have so much to give.

    I call you my friend and even if you hurt me or push me away i will still be there for you like i told you i would be.

    Hope to talk to you again
  5. t.k. lyt

    t.k. lyt Guest

  6. jameslyons

    jameslyons Well-Known Member

    I'm too much of a sentimentalist to be happy without somebody. Maybe you don't want a close relationship but would like the relationships you get out of internet forums.

    have you considered doing what makes you feel good instead of living by a personal belief? I find I can easily over think things, but whatever intellectual stimulant I get, nothing replaces a nice text from someone.
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