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    my 17 year old son went to live with his mother. My 19 year old daughter whipped me the finger as she left for work yesterday. That put me in tears. My mother yells at me all the time. She cant talk to me she just yells. Ive told her it hurts my feelings she doesnt care.
    My cardiologist told me August 31st that my heart only has 6-12 months. Its getting weaker, and that I need a transplant. Well back Sept. I called UPMC transplant team as instructed. They told me they couldnt put me on the long list without insurance. Welfare told me I make 14 dollars to much on disability to get medical insurance thru them. And I have 11 months to go before i can get medicare thanks to the 2 year wait. I couldve afforded insurance had they not attatched my disability with child support.
    Those people are going to ride me into the grave. Ive been busting my butt.
    For what. It just dawned on me the last few days. Life sucks. Why am I trying to get on this damn transplant list anyway. My life is a living hell. And a place I dont want to be. I downed my bottle of lopressor. I thought of sticking my fingers down my throat but I couldnt do it. Why does life havce to be so hard. Im a good person
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    I don't know why people organizations can be so cruel You deserve help like anyone else does Go to the papers let them know how your insurance company treating you how the corporations are treating yu. Get your story out there and youwill see how many people truly care. I wish and pray you get the help you need and deserve.
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