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  1. cownes

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    why when so many people 'care' do we feel so alone, why do i feel i cant turn to anyone, yet in the past, ive have been able too, something seems to have clicked inside of me, and today more than ever i feel so alone and vunerable, and i no the alone is mainly my own doing, by not talking to my friends, but i jsut dont seem to be able to :sad: i just seem to have hit rick bottom once again, but this time alone, it doesnt make any sense right now, which just frustrates me further :cry:
  2. total eclipse

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    sometimes depression hits us in certain ways we are not even aware of. It catches off guard and the emotions are different deeper then usual. Try to reach out okay even though it is hard try to not isolate as this is the worst thing you can do. Glad you are still able to talk here Hope you don't stay low for long.