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    Stupid teacher! I'm really behind with my psychology A level work, and I know I'm in deep water as far as my exam is concerned...but I went to see my tutor today and she sat there for almost a whole lesson telling me that I'm attention seeker!!! :mad: that is one of the worst things you can call me...it really gets on my nerves. this teacher knows about my issues and yet she still says this?! she said I need to not let anything get in the way of my studies...how would she like to try that whilst living with an abusive mother?!!!! arg! Just winds me up. cant believe she has done this. why do people seem to love hurting me?
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    :hug: is there anyone else u can talk to abou this? as she did not help you and you deserve help
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    I would get with a school counselor, and let them know about the tutor.
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    we have no school counselor any more, they made her redundant cos of money but kept the flipping cleaner working!
    I speak to friends and a CPN but she isnt helping me.