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    I hate my life it sucks. i barley have any friends, never had a bf, i think im bi. why cant life be easirer? i know people say that life is life get over it but everyone else seems happy but me. i know people go through stuff too but i feel like NOONE understands how i feel.
    when i was in 4th grade this kid started picking on me for no reason what so ever. then he got everyone to hate me. in 5th grade they al juss pretty much ignored me. in middle it sucked up till 8th grade which was better but not great. i grew shy. so shy i can barley talk to anyone. now im in highschool. its only been 3 weeks and it sucks, i hate it. i serously was planning my death todayy. i dont know if i can do tis naymore. my best friend tells me you can tell me anything but when i told her i was depressed she laughed and said "yeah right". she tries to be a good friend and i dont blame her but at the same time i hate her. shes popular(my only po[ular friend) she gets all the guys, exspecially the ones i like. she dosent date them cuz i like them but i juss hate that they like her. i could go on forever but i got to get up for skool tommorw. i hate skool. and not like normal people, i dotn have a social life there so its no fun whats so ever. i just feel like im not in controll of my life. i need to be in controll but its just sliiping away from me. i dont know what to...
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    Hi and welcome...so glad you decided to share with us...it is not too late...is there any adult who you can ask for guidance? it is important to have a model for success...your friend laughing is because depression is a very difficult topic to deal with at your age...we will not laugh at you here...we will care and support you...please continue to tell us what is going on for you...you are important to us, just because you are you..welcome again and big hugs, J