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WHY? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY? Why the fuck do people rape other people? Are they no better than animals? Wait- no, even animals have consensual sex. More like beasts. Hideous, uncilivized, disgusting pitiful brutes who should rot and burn in hell day after day after every fucking day.

How the hell do you get off on raping someone who obviously DOES NOT like you DOES NOT want to have sex with you and last but not least CAN'T STAND TO BE AROUND YOU.

Wtf? How more desperate, primitive, and low-life can you get? IMO, fuck forgivenance. Fuck the whole forgive and forget, learn to love and live in compassion shit. I think rapists should burn in hell for eternity and before that get sentenced to a long and painful death. Haha. [laughing head off]

And you could have your own opinion but that's what I would like to see happen to every single rapist in this world. They only care about their own pleasure, and don't give shit about the people they're harming. Those type of people deserve to taste pain to the fullest.


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Hey I can agree with most of that.
If you ever need to talk about it I'm here, I have been through it.

Rape is a power thing, well according to all the crap I was given when I talked to the police.

PM me if you want to talk



I could never ever rape someone It is a terrible act and a total violation to me if a girl say's No i'm like "Sure sorry i'll leave you in peace". Rapists have No place on this planet and as far as i'm concerned they should be culled
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