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    I think I should just cut myself out of your life. Not for you, but for me. Yes, I did something wrong, and it's an awful thing to do, and if only you could really understand how sorry I am. I am honestly sorry, I've done something terrible, I didn't mean to, I wish, oh I so wish you could believe me. I know you won't, and yes, I'm sorry. You don't even have to forgive me, I just want you to stop with reminding me of what I've done, and just constantly going on at me with the, "You've fucked my life up" approach because you have absolutely NO idea what's going on in my head. Honestly, I don't even know. This is not me any more, this must be from the other's in here. I've just been getting worse once I started to integrate them. Fred, you're a ****. Can you please get out on my head.

    But, yes, I think leaving your life would be for the best. If I cut myself out of your life completely, or at least as much as I can, I think you'd forget about me, and live your life full and true. You're so much better off without me. Well, it's after 9pm here, and I've actually a routine going. If I still feel like shit after 9pm, I self harm and I feel better. That's where I'm going now.

    I'm so very sorry for fucking your life up. To say I loved you would be an understatement. But, when I think I'm over you after 5 days, don't think I was joking when I said I loved you, just after all the relationship problems I had, I move on pretty quickly regardless. Sorry. But, if I stay attached to you, you're gonna fuck me over too.

    I'm outta your life from here on in.