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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by steve6, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. steve6

    steve6 Account Closed

    Why bother living when it only turns out one way (death)??? and in the big picture it doesn't even matter if we live or die no one will notice and the only ones who do would soon forget.
  2. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    what's wrong steve6? can we help?

    there is a big difference between death and suicide...death is sad, and it hurts the ones left behind and you're right it comes to us all..
    suicide on the other hand leaves so much pain and grief, unanswered questions, feelings of guilt and self blame, what ifs, if onlys, should haves, etc. and unlike a 'natural' death people don't 'move on' from it..there is always that thought that we weren't enough to keep them here...
    and we never forget...
    there are many here who've lost loved ones to suicide and it's a lifelong grief.

    Im sorry if I've overwhelmed you..
    please keep reaching out for support..
    In the big picture you do matter
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hope you come back and talk okay let us know what has got you so down.
  4. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    Most people do have a lasting effect. Children, for example. I hope to invent something that lasts, personally. The world doesn't end when you do and you can have an effect.
  5. All these mixed emotions

    All these mixed emotions Well-Known Member

    isn't the fact that nothing last forever a reason to keep going on? Like a ride on the rollercoaster you know it will end, but you had a blast riding it...

    And all big thinkers always stand on the edge and ask the same question; Why?

    So don't stop asking, you might find that answer...

  6. steve6

    steve6 Account Closed

    A.T.M.E- I would never get on a ride that causes a pain beyond belief and if I did I would want it to end as soon as possible.

    aoeu- nothing lasts, everything has a expiry date. Even grave stones are pulled down after 100yrs. If you only know when you die your funeral would struggle to have 5 people there, then you know that no one will give you a second thought after 6months.

    violet- life

    Iv2010- there is so much wrong but I won't go into it. I'm beyond help, but thanks. Suicide isn't sad if there is no one to grieve.
  7. All these mixed emotions

    All these mixed emotions Well-Known Member

    You make some good points, but are you sure that this is the way to go?

    there must be something to look forward to?

    and whats youre age?

  8. steve6

    steve6 Account Closed

    I'm 21

    To work a long a missrable life for little in return just seems pointless and what I have gatherd from my life so far is even good things end up hurting you more.

    A self harming, belimic, heartless waste of space is the best way to describe me and even my mother had the sence to want to get rid.
  9. All these mixed emotions

    All these mixed emotions Well-Known Member

    well it depends on for who you work...

    21 still leaves plenty time to find something to hang on to

    Life mostly seems pointless to smart people, but we still need love

    I dont think that youre wasting space, its a big world...

    What did you have for expectations from life before it all went downhill?

  10. Kirsty_Ann

    Kirsty_Ann Well-Known Member

    I feel really hypocritical writing this but apparently it is easier to see the way for someone else than yourself.
    I probably won't make you feel better but i care enough to try . . .
    You're 21, so probably less than a quarter of the way through your life,
    so much to look forward to in the future.
    At least you have a job; there are soo many people who don't even try; you should be proud of yourself.
    As for the mum thing, well my mum walked out on me and my brother less than a year ago and it feels dreadful and no matter how i try to put it down on here it won't explain how it feels, but you've beaten the odds and made it this far . . . you need to give yourself a break,
    As for the other stuff, asking for help doesn't make you weak it is just a recognition of how strong you have been for such a long time.
    If you feel enough then what is another few days in just trying to see if sorting out or talking to someone helps. . . it can't do any harm right?
    You are more than welcome to P.M. me, i know what it is like to feel alone and still do,
    Take Care :)
  11. sunshinesblack

    sunshinesblack Well-Known Member

    steve it surprises me you ask questions you already know the answer to
    its worth living cause you can also get pleasure and while you are not getting it you dream about it and do anything possible to get it.

    Regarding the no one cares thing, I know there are people online whom I did not get to know closely but by what they wrote they did make me think different and changed my life, made me feel less alone more than anyone I ever knew did, or even could understand.
    Id miss them cause they mean alot to what i am now but its batter I can only thank for their being alive, I have enough sadness.

    Also I think people jerked about me enough while I was alive I dont want them to do it after im ded too. I dont want the people i have known to come to my funeral or even have one, i would not go to theirs either. (dont think i ever went to one in my life) and am not planning to go to one yet.
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