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I feel so dirty and sad and pathetic. How can people who have been used and mistreated turn around and do the same thing to another person? People are so busy in their egotistic self-involvement and private insanities and pains that they...they just suck. I wish I could, and maybe I have been trying, take up a knife and cut free the part of myself that cares and feels and opens that pathway for people to walk on me.

And on a complete rant to someone who won't even be reading this...
I hate you. I cared for you. You used me. Wrapped me around your little finger. Took advantage of my unbalance, my youth, my need, my caring, and then dealt with the result of the breached boundaries like an immature, unbalanced I-don't-know-what. Shame on you. And shame on me for offering everything I had to you.
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