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Why? :(

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I'm always hungry but any food I try and eat just makes me feel like I'm going to throw up sick :'(

How can I come over it? I used to eat all the time and never put on weight but now I'm losing weight and my arms are incredibly skinny and you can see every bone on my chest and they all stick out and I'm ashamed of my self :'(


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Haven't got experience on this, i only gain weight when i don't do sports.
Maybe try to talk to a doctor ?
I hope there are some people around here that have some usefull info for you.
I've never experienced anything like this that wasn't a direct effect of something else going on in my life. I've only had a couple instances where I wanted to vomit constantly, but it was due to stress, so that might be it. Is something traumatic going on in your life? Loss of a loved one? Tough break up? Some other kind of crisis with school or work?

If not, you might try talking to a doctor, it could actually be a physical illness or an infection. Feel better soon!


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i'm assuming since you are after all posting on a suicide forum you are experiencing difficulties. i've experienced this at my worst with mental health. was fascinating - my ed vanished by itself because both mind and body were united.

soups, milk drinks, sustagen helped me.
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