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I'm so close to overdosing <edited>, wherever that is. Everything is getting worse and I fear that the very few friends I have left are turning into an ex-friend that really f***ed me over.

Don't ask about therapy. I've been trying to call this low-income service and they won't answer the damn phone. I'm not taking Cymbalta anymore because that made me worse.

I've decided to wait until after a concert, but I don't even know if it's worth waiting anymore.
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Can you email the service?
If not I really think a trip to your docs is well worth the effort.
He/she may know of other services and can also sort out the anti-depressant problem.


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They don't do email; I'd be surprised if they did. A therapist from college gave me a list of services, but a lot of them aren't accepting patients right now...or they would charge me a lot. I'll have to go see this service in person tomorrow (they close on the weekends) if I can make it. I hope so anyway, I'm still feeling lower than low.


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Can I ask what has made you feel like this? If you don't want to go into detail I understand, but there are plenty of people on here, including myself, that want to help.


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Seeking spiritual guidance in life is free, and enlightening. All you need in prayer, a bible, and the drive to truly know how to end the suffering in your own life without destroying yourself.
Lets look at the situation here; your life is not where you want it to be at the moment right? Your thinking that by completely destroying any chance of happiness through death will solve all your problems.
I'm suggesting seeking a deeper and more benificial route to look into and to rely on than just the flesh. A journey that will lead you to happiness and the best part is that you get to keep your life and better your situation.
All my suffering ended when I gave up trying to do everything on my own. I began a spiritual journey, and it lead me to where I am today. Which is completely opposite than where I began! So before you go off and end any chance of tasting what happiness that is truly out there for yourself do what I did, and see where it takes you. Blessings..


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@Terry. I'm backing down now, I just wanted to let her know how sorry I am. She's not responded back. The last thing I want to do is fight, and I just feel like I keep initiating these fights.

@Daphna For a time now I keep thinking it being spiritual will really make me feel better. I'm almost desperate enough to try.


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When you are ready, you will know. It takes a big person to admit they arent able to do something on their own. It takes an even bigger person to ask for help. I know that you can survive this bump in the road, and I know you will find all the answers you seek; when you are ready. :hugs:
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