Why ?

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Why do we expect so much, why do we desire so much ? Is it the fairytales we are fed as a child...isnt that we are taught always to dream. I dont know about you, but no pain hurts like disappointment. Rejection...you dont like me...fine ill get over it...Loneliness..well my right hand was always my bestfriend...Inferiority...Oh well your better than boo hoo...but Dissapointment. It so so painful...because its me failing myself.. I was taught to dream of the unatainable and now i cry when i cant reach it. Now i realise fairytales came from the tip of a pen, and not from the hope that comes from within. Look at me once, again trying to blame everyone else, society, well my mums excuse for beating me was that shes a product of her parents. Well then i can blame society, for i am a product of society.. why why why why.. Forget why do i expect so much ? Why do i complain so much ? Some kids dont have running water or clothes on theirs backs... yet i complain because i dont have a car, great job & a million dollars..actually pounds (more money).. And there is my other method..turning everything into a joke..

It all sucks...dreams break your heart, hope leaves you tumbling down... Why do we expect so much...


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Fairytales come from the tip or a pen, but it takes a person to think of them. We all need hope and dreams to keep going and often our dreams do come true. It might not be that we get $1 million or that we have a mansion or that we have a perfect family or have the whole world as our friends, but the little dreams come true. that we have love, we cam keep going thru the day. That we can make A friend, that we can have a computer to talk to people on and get support. Every dream counts. no matter how big or small it is.

Even tho disapointment hurts we dont ahve time for it. We cant be disapointed until we die because we still have the rest of our lives to achieve them. Dreams dont come to you if you just sit in the same place al day, you need to do things to achieve them, take that extra step.

Take care, id love to hear about your dreams x
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