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Cos tear ducts drain into nasal cavities and away they go! Crying always gives me a headache.... don't know what that's about! Hope you are ok.
yeah, headaches another one. I guess it's from all the pressure built up from the nose thing :dry:

I'm ok. Just having a rough night.. make it through tonight and all should be fine

thanks for your replies guys :hug: it means a ton
Aww Jess :hug:

Sorry I wasn't there for ya last night hun .... :sad:
Hope you're doing a bit better now :hug: :hug: :hug:

Always here if you need to talk :)
:ohmy: wow, lots of replies.. I was just mostly wondering about the stuffy nose thing lol but thank you guys so much for replying!!!! and all the offers to talk.. awww, that means so much guys :hug:

Where oh where would I be without y'all :rolleyes:

:grouphug: I'm ok, just had a bad night.. I think I ended up falling asleep on the couch at one point.. so no harm done

Thanks again :smile:
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