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Why did I have to make mistakes when I was younger and why do people have to be so vindictive... I'm not perfect but I recognized my mistakes and wanted to do right but by trying to do the right thing I just got screwed over.. I was stupid for trusting people, when they didn't have noble motives. I should have gone with my gut instinct with this dangerous woman and other people but no I was just sucked into her trap due to my vulnerabilities.

I should have gone with my gut instinct the night I got set up by a guy I hadn't seen in a few years and was never really friends with. Yet he was friends with people who hated me and wanted revenge. In a sense I was their scapegoat. Why couldn't certain people have just left me alone it saddens me to think what my life would have been like now if I was just left alone or treated kindly.

I was psychically abused prior to that revenge attack on me so it made the whole attack that much worse....

It reminds me of a quote. Men are more prone to revenge injuries the requite kindness. Some people actually see being nice or kindness as a weakness it's something they can exploit :(

All I wanted was a woman I could treat right and she would love me back and I could have a bit of a normal life....... But I guess that was too much to ask from this cruel world... People just want to feel wanted, loved and have some affection and intimacy.

I should have done lots of things different and I recognize my mistakes but it's like wow why did things have to turn out like this. I don't want to go in specific detail but it's fucked I'd wish no one in my place.

I'm reminded of this song...


"In his life he's filled with all of these good intentions, he's left a lot of things he'd rather not mention"

People can be so ignorant and cruel, they like to hate or blame others so they can feel superior.
Thank you total eclipse :hug: it's just not right things turned out this way with my genuine intentions. Only an hour or so ago I was thinkingthe horrendous suffering experienced in the holocaust and I try to take some strength from that, even the other day some stuff people with disabilities go through and how despite my circumstances I do have things to be grateful for.

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People can be so ignorant and cruel, they like to hate or blame others so they can feel superior.
this line hits hard with me hun so true I too often see someone so much worse off then myself and i say see what do i have to complain abt hugs to you


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Try not to beat yourself up about stuff you did in your youth.
When I look back I have the grace to blush, so stupid at times, but isnt that how we grow and become adults?
Everyone has something they would rather no one would ever know about and if they say different then they're either saints or liars :laugh:

Only thing to do with bad experiences and stupid actions is to learn from them and move on.
I hope you can put this all behind you.
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