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Is it just me or is this normal
I have a good day good mood all the good stuff then boom it all crashes mood gone depression sky high chest tight wishing it would end I just want to see the light at the end of the tunnel I want to know it will be better the pain must end right?


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I think a lot of us here can relate. I'm the same way. I'll have good days & be in a good mood then all of a sudden all of that happiness just crashes naturally.


Hi, I am new around here, but can relate to what you say in your post. I am exploring all the theory stuff around why I feel like I do and at times that can be reassuring and I can feel more in control and chilled. But then this thing descends on me and I feel totally engulfed and squashed by it - like I am bound up by it and can't get through it. It is a really scarey thing that takes over and it is so much more difficult to be rational at those times and I feel unsafe.

Then it clears and it is like "Wow what was that?" and I can breath again and function....until the next time.

I know when I am rational that these things do pass and I just need to stay safe and wait, but I find that so much more difficult when the monster descends.

But I guess we have to hang on to those more rational times and have faith that the bad times will become fewer, the more we stay in touch with others and talk about how we are feeling.

Take care - Soup
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Welcome to the forum soup
Yes that is basically what I fight everyday on top of insomnia I'd feel on top the world for hours then that monster rears its head knocks me down ill admit I've cut before but I came to realize it only help for that second of the rush after still empty but as I do hang in there soup and welcome again
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