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i just want too ask why such a sensetive subject like loved and lost is allowed for open veiwing,just a question.


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Why shouldn't it be?

Just because you might have some issues with it, doesn't mean that others can't post there to receive what support they need.
Steer clear of the thread of it troubles you deeply.


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NICE ONE,but if it was your mom or dad or dearly beloved,and you had joined a support forum,would you really want the world etc etc too read your deep heart felt thoughts ???
Some people feel the need to share so that other's who have been there and understand what they are going through can show support. Being open is a vital tool because it allows others to share in your pain and offer advice or maybe just words of comfort... talking is very therapeutic. We all need that sometimes. We also have the journals here, in the let it all out section. You can either post publicly or privately, which ever is more comfortable for you.

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