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    why do ppl think it's ok to say hurtful things and upset you. Then when they are pulled up about it they give the same answer " i didn't mean to hurt them" if they don't mean to then why do it in the first place an why is there never any punishment dealt to them other than don't do it again. This is stupid as the damage has already been done, and an apology passed on from someone else doesn't undo that hurt. I'm struggling with things at the moment and the last thing i need is some idiot taking the piss out of me.
  2. Butterfly

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    I know you are upset but if you feel the situation could have been handled better or think there should be some actiong taken then please write an LTM.
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    I'm sorry you're struggling right now, and I'm also sorry you're upset. But sometimes people do or say something they think is funny or a joke, and just because you don't see it that way, doesn't mean they intentionally set out to hurt you. Sometimes the best thing you can do is take a step back from the situation, and then maybe try to see it from their point of view once you're feeling better, or in a better place emotionally.