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There's something I really don't get in this forum.

Why don't we all kill ourselves?
Why is there always someone trying to save someone else?
Why is so bad to be dead?
Death isn't bad, but neither is life. It's only the circumstances people are in that are bad, life itself is much greater than individual scenarios and situations. It's up to each of us to find the good, even if that means leaving our old lifestyles behind in search of something new. I live because it's my life, and no one else will ever influence my right to live.


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The reason we don't '' all kill ourselves '', is because we are a support forum. We believe that we can support each other through bad times, albeit maybe also with help from a professional person or medication also.

Once again, we care about each other here - that is the nature of this site. It's caring, supportive.

It's bad to be dead, because then you won't know what it feels like to get better, and not have depression or feelings of being suicidal.

I hope this makes this site's position and purpose, clearer for you.


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Hi! I just wanted to welcome you to the forum and I hope you will give us a chance. I understand.. same questions I have asked and still sometimes question myself...

As Abacus stated, one reason we are here is that we are a support forum and we are caring and supportive to the people who come here who are so devastated from life circumstances, abuse, hopelessness, etc.. We understand and are here because we have been there ourselves. We don't promote anymethods or suggestions and if that is what you are looking for, you are in the wrong place. However, if you really want help and support to help you, we are here.

You ask why:

1. why don't we kill ourselves?
Yeah, why don't we.. I asked the same question when I first found this forum. I have attempted many times myself and death to me was normal since I was 5. Growing up, yeah, it didn't matter.. I am still here for whatever reason. People were patient with me and walked me through alot. I never had anybody care about me before like this. I always ended up caring and being the strong person to deal with stuff for others.. I have lost 9 close people to suicide and other people in my life, young and older, death has no age limits, to illness and accidents as well.. So, death was normal for me. I wasn't afraid to die at all, but my attempts, and even my pdoc(psychiatrist who is wonderful for a long time) can't believe all that has happened to me and that I bounced back. Does this answer your question? Please remember nomethods are discussed here and I can tell you for certain, and I know other people may, that no matter what method is used, doesn't always mean that it will work either surprisingly. I know for sure. One can end up being a vegetable, or paralyzed, yet the brain can still be active and not reach out to anybody. Or a coma.. one can still hear in a coma even though one can't reach out..A life long sentence..one really doesn't want to kill themself but the deep pain one feels that seems so hopeless and darkness surrounds us and doesn't seem to be a way out of. My pdoc is amazed that my organs weren't damaged.. yes, I was very serious and I can't say that it is easy to always continue going on.. but the people here have helped me alot and making good friends.. and they really care... I don't trust that easily either.. and so overwhelmed by how much people care here..

Then I found this wonderful forum of caring people.. scared me.. not use to that at all.. I had plans again to attempt and found SF.. wow.. not like any other forum.. but yet I planned to do what I was going to do by New Year's Have a difficult time with New Year's and people reached out to me in such a loving way here.. I didn't understand at all. Why, not knowing me, would they care about me at all, and at the time I accidentally stumbled upon this forum when I was ready to give up again.

2. Why is there always someone trying to save someone else? As Abacus stated because we care. Many of us have been there, Locked, and somehow found this place.. it was fairly new, when I found it accidentally, nothing like the other places I checked out and in bad shape.. so, who cares????? Are you not use to anybody caring about you at all? I know how that feels very deeply and many do here. I couldn't understand that concept at all, been through so much.. nobody cared about me.. but the people here have proven themselves to me, that, yeah, they really were sincere, concerned, very supportive.. no, don't do chat.. scared.. someone, encouraged me to come to chat then.. and the people here are awesome.. yeah, we have gone through changes and the site is growing alot.. that is why we are here..

3.Why is so bad to be dead?

Give us a chance to be there for you. Lean on us. We care about anybody who comes here. Why? Because we understand and can relate. Being dead.. well, I don't know.. I should have been dead.. many times.. my best friend in all the world is.. I could talk to her about anything and no judgement, the only truest best friend ever.. I survived.. she didn't.. so here I am..

Please, give us a chance to be there for you. As stated above, if you are looking for methods, we are a pro life site.. you will find many friends here who sincerely care about you.. and can relate to your pain..

4. I hope that you are sincere in your questions and really want to know.. Why do we care? etc. I hope I have helped you to understand and hope we can help you and be a good support system to you.

May I ask if you are seeing a therapist (T) or in some kind of counseling? As
Abacus stated that sometimes people also need prescirptions for chemical imbalance of the brain..true.. and it helps people too..

I hope this has helped a bit.. Please lean on us to help you and hope you feel comfortable elaborating more and talking to us.. We really do care.. I don't say that lightly..



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Ha ha well we don't kill ourselves because we are here to get help and give help. And part of doing either is staying alive.

I guess I am not sure why I don't kill myself. Some ideas come to minde
  • I don't have an efficent means
  • I don't have a suicide note
  • I don't want to leave my kitty
  • This is the way I am supposed to be why fight it
stuff like that.
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