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    Why do I get this message?

    "Unfortunately each new post you make will have to be approved by a moderator first, this will stop after an administrator activates your account, which shouldn't take longer than a few hours."

    I came here tonight because Im drunk, I upset my fiance, my best friend is falling apart, my life has been going to shit for the last year, getting worse day by day. I tell myself its all temporary, but its not. My luck is gone. I have no one to lean on. No one to call. But sitting within 2 feet of where I am is a shotgun, computer and a bottle of 100proof captain. But for some reason I go to the computer and type what Im thinking. I end up here....just wanting some Random person to speak with, who wont judge me....who will tell me something that will give me a little hope and I get....."None one will hear you for the next couple hours" WHAT GOOD DOES THAT DO ME NOW!!!! Who is to say where I will be then??????? I just want someone to listen.......
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    I'm really sorry for the delay in activating your account. It's something we have to do for safety reasons, but I know that doesn't help a member who is struggling and needs someone right away. Just want you to know I'm listening if you still need to talk. You won't be judged here.
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