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I'm not a suicidal person, but i'm just wondering what is it that makes u people feel this way?...is it ur family? friends? you?
i don't wanna pretend like i understand, but 1 thing i wanna know about is...what was that initial feeling or thing that made u feel the way u do now? is ur life really that bad? is there nothing you can do to get around it? why does it have to be suicide.
if u were u parents, how wud u feel knowing ur own child committed suicide from under u.
parents shud never bury their kids, it shud be the other way around


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You feek worthless, liek there is no point. That you understand life is worthless and there really isnt much point but everyone else who dont get it go on living in the illusion.

You also feel pain, loneliness, suffering. Thats all in my case by the way.


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I don't think there's a stock answer for these questions. In my case, I feel like a failure and a waste of resources. I feel like the planet as a whole would be better off without me, even if it causes some people pain.
I don't want to die. If you haven't had depression before, it would be hard I think to explain it to you. It's like a stalker that waits for you; sometimes you are just going along and suddenly it jumps out again. It takes on a life of its own. Some days are better than others. The rollercoaster gets hard to deal with after a while.
I think that the thought of causing other people pain holds a lot of people back from committing suicide. I just wish that I could fade away somehow, so no one would notice I had gone. But underneath it all I still feel like I have a lot to give and do, if only I make it through. At least that's how I feel most days.


I'm not normal. I don't look normal (have skin disorders), I don't think like a normal person (have mental disorders) and normal people hate me. I'm a defect and it's the job of normal people to see that i don't infect their society. That's why normal people treat people like me so badly, it's not their fault though. It's more to do with evolution and uprooting weeds like me from the gene pool. Knowing this doesn't make it any easier for me though and death would end my suffering. However so far I have not had the courage to end it. I also have some hope that one day i will be able to cheat fate and walk among the normal ones without being recognised as being a defect.
It's more to do with evolution and uprooting weeds like me from the gene pool.
The irony though, is that everyone has something positive to contribute to the gene pool and social evolution, it's just that some aspects like sexual appeal, humor, confidence, etc. get noticed more than other positive aspects. People make the mistake of assuming that one's strengths must be immediately apparent to everyone, or they have no strengths and they're worthless. Those who are so quick to judge others are much more destructive to society than those who are rejected over minor trivialities like disorders. There has been good evidence that Einstein had asperger's syndrome (though the condition wasn't known and understood back then) but does that make him worthless? Interestingly enough, a lot of those with asperger's in today's age are mistreated and misunderstood by most social groups, but who stops to consider that "hey, maybe that weird kid who seems slightly autistic and can't talk normally is actually a genius in physics, or psychology, or philosophy, etc.."

Okay, so maybe it's just that not many people actually care about academic strengths. In fact, many only care about themselves and no one else, and as long as they're happy in life, all is well. (I can't stand those type of people, but I do my best to respect their lifestyle regardless) To be bluntly honest, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, some of us have the misfortune of having a weakness that is obvious to others, and we feel especially exposed and weak as a result. Some of us can hide our weaknesses so well that very few will ever know we have problems (and trust me, everyone is screwed up in some way) but facing our faults and working towards improvement is what brings out the best in us as humans.

Just because you're in the minority when it comes to your conditions doesn't mean you're a drain on the gene pool! Quite the contrary, you might be one of the rare people who can contribute something truly important to society due to your unique way of thinking. If you pull the average man off the street today, what is his life all about? Money, sex, fame, etc.. It's because humanity is mostly made up of laborers who are simply here to reproduce, work, raise a family, and then die. That may seem to be a cynical way of looking at it, but it's true.

It's like in a colony of ants, mostly comprised of mindless worker ants following eachother. The difference being that humans have evolved beyond other species on earth specifically due to the "weird" specimens who think and behave outside of social norms. You have something to contribute to humanity, even if others try to convince you otherwise... don't let thick-headed people get you down. We're really all just dumb animals, but I forgive us for our stupidity. The only difference is that some of us acknowledge our stupidity and strive to work towards knowledge, while others are too busy sitting around and admiring themselves like gods. Majority may rule, but majority is not always right.


suicide is not a normal thing. your body/mind/brain will struggle to survive as long as possible.

like someone said previously, there isn't a stock answer to "why would someone want to commit suicide?"

in most cases, it will break down to this: someone is in a very bad situation in life, and sees no possible way to get out of it. they see no hope for the future-- it probably looks like things will only get worse. they can't bare to go on anymore, and suicide looks like an answer to ease the pain and suffering. they probably have severe depression. its like a mental knife in the mind.

i don't want to pidgeonhole everyone's problems into 1 small general paragraph, but I've been reading these forums and i think it applies for everyone here.


Syd, I do agree with what your saying. When i wrote that i was really depressed and felt worthless. I know I'm not worthless but sometimes being different makes me feel that way. Maybe i should feel good that I'm not simply just another worker ant. However I would give anything to be one of the normal ones, it would just be so much easier.
Dear clUless

I don't think anyone can full answer your question but i deeply respect you for trying to understand and gain a greater insight of how we all feel inside.

Regarding your question about what makes us suicidal, there can be many reason why someone becomes suicidal, me personally i have very low self confidence and low self-esteem and have had many family problems regarding my brother over the past few years. He became suicidal and attempted a few times. Suppose it had a knock on affect as someone told me.

But what im saying is that every person is different, we all handle things differently. Many people have had terrible things happen in their life that make them feel so low they are willing to take that pain away in the only way they see.

When suicidal you feel so much emotional or even physical pain that you only see one way out and to us sometimes that only way is suicide. Some people do have a supporting family around them, i certainly do but i don't think they fully understand why i feel like this, i've allways had low self-esteem and i feel worthless to the rest of the world, like i can never do anything right and that other people are worth 10 of me. I've had people tell im not worthless and im this or that but it's pretty hard to believe when you feel so low about yourself.

The one thing thats keeping me here if my family and the ones i love and care about. Ican't put them thru that pain even tho i feel thats the only way out.

I hope you gathered a greater understanding of what drives people to suicide, and i thank you for asking questions to find that greater understanding.

Take care of yourself

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