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  1. xxLostHopexx

    xxLostHopexx Member

    I only speak to my Daughter a couple of times a week on the phone (shes 300 miles away)
    I can go days and hear no voice other than my own

    I see no-one for months on end because of this sociophobia

    4 walls is all I have

    This isnt life , its just existence
  2. spidy

    spidy Well-Known Member

    Yes suffer bit of that myself but im gradually getting out and is what you need to do otherwise it gets worse.I know it must be hard only being able to speak to your daughter on the phone but i bet she looks forward to that is why you need to take care of yourself she still needs to hear your voice.
  3. xxLostHopexx

    xxLostHopexx Member

    Ive tried everything , different drugs , CBT therapy , none of its worked , in some cases its made me worse , which is why I refuse to try any more drugs the doctors throw at me
    even the doctors say theres nothing left to try , so theres no hope anymore its going to change

    Its hard not to feel resentful when I hear I have to stay in this lonely limbo for my Daughters calls and the rare visits she can make (maybe two to three times a year for a few days) and for those few days I always know shes going back soon and that just makes the coming loneliness seem/feel worse
    Can you even begin to imagine never seeing or speaking to anyone for months on end , your whole life lived within one small house
    Finding something to fill all those hours is getting harder and harder ... im just losing interest in everything
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  4. spidy

    spidy Well-Known Member

    Do understand yet ive just got to see my kids again took 7 months as my ex took them off after we been %50 care so i do get it your situation is different though.Drugs dont always work and sometimes it takes a bit of work from yourself.Just keep remembering you have a daughter in this world which you helped create.Youve reached out here too which is great seriously it takes time to heal but is doable and as i said pills and that aint total cure
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