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  1. taske93

    taske93 Member

    here is question , how do i deal with my mom being wh0re being with every man through out my childhood + she tried to kill herself 4-5 times already , my dad always being away and not interested in me ... im currently all alone they left me like they always do , they leave for a week or two , go their separate ways ... i just started university and im all alone again ... not to mention that i like a girl but im afraid cuz ill just be a burden to her like im to everyone else.

    i never really been close to anyone , i rly like this girl , tried to kill myself last night ,i was drinking listening to music but couldnt do it , her blue eyes were always on my mind when i went for it ... them blue eyes i love them so much , my uncle died 2 weeks ago , all the bad stuff is happening to me and no even bothers to talk with me , i feel like i have so much to offer ...
  2. taske93

    taske93 Member

    why not add that , dad abused me cuz of her sleping with everyone ... both physically and mentally ... ive been drinking myself to sleep for a week now , i will probably become a alcoholic , maybe im already one
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  3. taske93

    taske93 Member

    can someone please talk to me?
  4. total eclipse

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    You drinking is not helping You at all hun Perhaps you should get some councilling for that You are a university student now an adult time to make your own way in the world hun

    I am sorry you are struggling so and feeling so abandoned it does hurt but it is best for you to move away from all that toxic environment and make a new path just for YOU ok.
    talk to a councillor at your school get some guidance from there. You need to leave the alcohol alone it will only destroy your future and the plans you have made for YOU hugs
  5. JmpMster

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    I spoke to you some in chat last night Taske93 , and will add to it here...

    You could well benefit from counseling or therapy to deal with past traumas and likely the university either has or could put you in the direction of these services. Unfortunately, little can be done about your feelings towards your mother and her actions, you can not change the past. You are in the university, are an adult now, and plan to go abroad you said when you finish at the UNi , in addition to get counseling or therapy to deal with past trauma - focus on the future and how you can do for yourself and find yourself the things you need - the future is far more important than the past in out day to day lives....
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