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  1. Animosity

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    Why cant I just die? WHY? WHY DO I HAVE TO CARE SO MUCH!!?? Why cant i just give up? nothing ever goes in my favor anyway so when that many things go wrong....why bother trying anymore? So many things I want to do right now...and none of them are things that are "fair". Well guess what, the world is not fair. I'm so angry, upset, and just ready to die, so why cant I go through with it?
  2. Samara

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    Thought I would reply to this.... you care, because your core values relate to the things you care about. Your core values, are beautiful, if you got to know them... and what they want, never truly intends any harm or evil.... they are there, for comfort, and peaceful kinds of reasons.

    Not sure if you wanted me to answer that thought, I think you are more just frustrated, and all of the questions that just can't get any real solutions are mounting.

    I guess you know something on a deeper level, that you don't realize yet on the conscious level, which is halting you... when you think "I will do it... this is it!".... if something is stopping you from a deeper level, maybe your intentions, again, for yourself... are better than you are seeing right now?
  3. total eclipse

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    Because hun no one can really know what the future will bring you hang on ok hugs
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