wierd phobias

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ok, i have a reeeeeally wierd phobia, i can't explain how or why i got it, or why they freak me out, why i do anything i can to avoid them, why i almost hyperventalate when i get near them before telling myself to stop being so stupid...and this is the one i feel guilty about, why i refuse to give money to people collecting on the streets for charity incase they stick one on me!!!!!

STICKERS!!!!!! why do they do this to me!!!!! i can't stand them, they give me the heebyjeebies!!! argh!!!!!!

anyway, i could go on for ages about them and how freaky they are, but i wont.

Just wondered if anyone else had any really wierd phobias so i don't feel like such a freak!! lol

Lizzy. xxx


DIY tools, makes my flesh craw when i see any1 with them, or knives, or anything they can hurt themself with, dont mind using them myself though... strange that


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i dont think hav any mega phobias...i hav wot id call big fears...like fear of falling where even being on a 2 foot step makes me weak at the knees, but i dont get to the point of hyperventilating...i cant stand those dreams where i wake up and feel like im falling *shudders*

but u shouldnt feel like a freak...there are loads of wierd phobias, ive heard of phobias like fear of gravity or fear of hair! theres all sorts i guess :) doesnt mean ur a freak just means ur u



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i have an odd phobia of bottle stickers i cant stand them always rip them off and throw them away weird but thats what this threads for :p . And bunny i know what you mean about those dreams of falling, god i hate those things scare the hell out of me lol

I have an odd phobia... i used to get made fun of for it

ever gotten a cheese burger or some sort of bread and they have powder on it...just normal white flower on it?

powder on my bread makes me cringe...and i cant eat the food they give me with it on it lol

ok you can laugh now :p

xxJess :rolleyes:


my phobias ain't too wierd i guess. turning into my mother, being buried alive, dentists. spiders, being trapped anywhere and losing my best mate. those are actual phobias for me. i have nightmares, panic attacks everything about them


my phobia is Penguins i know its weird but im scared they are going to eat me...i cry at the site of one :(
I dont know if this is phobia but it really scares me................... im scared that people are watching me when i eat its gotten so bad that i dont eat at school at all! i think im just paranoid maybe its just me!

Ahhhh well hunny I'll just dare everyone at the table to eat with their eyes closed :) My phobias are...spiders (Never used to be, but now...yeech) and most of all, people being sick. Perhaps not so weird but I am so completely phobic of that, ewwwww!!!!! I gotta get out if that's happening. I know most people do, but still...eww.
(I also tend to think that when people laugh as I pass them, they're laughing at me, but that's totally unrelated, lol).
Oh well.


wet plasters....OMG...they make me vomit.I Once had someone elses wet manky plaster stick to my foot at the public swimming pool. I screamed until the lifeguard came. I dont EVER go into swimming pools now just in case. Ugggh...just thinking about that piece of sloppy wet sticky germ ridden material touching me makes me want to cry.......arrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh


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woooooo! i'm glad i'm not the only one who gets freaked out by random things!! :D

the worst thing about being freaked out by stickers is the price labels on things, and when you buy new shoes and you have to get the stickers off the bottom! or....this is the worst, when in new clothes they sneakily hide a little tiny sticker on the label somewhere and i try it on without seeing it, then i take it off and totally freak out that it was on there while i was wearing it!! :eek: i mean, how could shops do that to me!!!!

i think i might get hypnotised to get over this! it's not good!


i hate people watching me eat too. getting over that one a little though cos i used to have take sandwiches etc home to eat instead of eating in town and always take macdonalds home instead of eating in etc. but now i go down the homeless day centre for breakfast most mornings and as long as theres no one actually staring at me im fine
hey i thought of another weird phobia of mine...

you know when you put ice in your drinks the noise it makes when it cracks?

that noise drives me nuts, it makes me cringe AHH lol its making me have goosbumps just thinking about it... i never put ice in my drinks because of that


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Oh, I can totally relate to this topic, funny thing is I had to be by them all the time: Large things like ships, plains, trains, and I was in the Navy, go figure, but the thought of walking next to them, oook,




Th' usual. Tight spaces, Poison, Spiders (Not really fear, more hate. 'Course, I'm deadly afraid a Black Widows.)

Wierd Phobias?

Love, I guess. I'm not afraid of someone else loving me, just, me loving someone else is something I never want to live through again.

I'm also afraid of bright lights. They just scare the crap outta me. Like, over 100 watts, and I'm officially creeped. I've turned off the lights in my school because of that. like, 3 times. Th' teacher just kep' turning them back on.


Hey dead inside, i know what u mean about cotton balls, i hate them 2. they're just not right, AND my friends chase me with them 2 they think its hilariuos but its NOT!!

I hate Rats and Clowns 2, I mean come on why do they wear so much make up?! what are they hiding?!

another me

Can't lick icypole sticks. Watching other people lick them freaks me out.

And I hate eating with others. Not quite a phobia, but...
I hate that people always suggest going out for a meal to catch up, to celebrate, etc. It's feral. I lose my ability to concentrate or relax.
Am I the only one who's phobic about vomit? Jeez people, there are few Scottish people on this board, so I'm already in a minority...*grins*
I have a friend called Maggie who hates the sound of paper ripping...when we went to Outward Bound our instructor kept ripping paper, it was kinda mean but a whole world of funny...eep.
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